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Energy Division


Energy division performs services on energy efficiency Improvement consulting, climate change strategy consulting, TAB & commissioning and new & renewable energy for the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission.

Main Business

  • Energy Audit & ESCO (Energy Service Company) service

    Energy audit helps energy-intensive companies to discover energy savings potential and take optimal measures to raise energy efficiency.
    The ESCO Program provides financial support to business that retrofit energy facilities and guarantee the ensuing effect.

  • Smart Grid

    Smart Grid is advanced electrical grid technology combined with ICT(Information-Communication Technology) It helps energy to be consumed efficiently by realtime information interchange between supplier and customer.
    SINIL E&C is selected Smart Grid Supply Business Company by Korea Smart Grid Institute and takes part in the ESS(Energy Storage System) Supply Business(09.2015)

  • Green Remodeling

    SINIL E&C offers energy audit for aged buildings to find the energy loss factors and improve energy performances by green remodeling.
    It provides a pleasant environment to resident and enhance the value of buildings.

  • New & Renewable Energy

    SINIL E&C was selected as the company to carry out a government project since 2010 which supports a portion of the installation charge of new and renewable energy facilities to distribute those facilities widely.
    We cover whole procedures from system design of facility application to construction.

  • Strategy on the Climate Change Consulting

    SINIL E&C provides total-service for corporations to effectively achieve the reduction target of energy usage and GHG emission; guideline for inventory establishment, calculation of the quantity of GHG emissions and reduction and submission of statement and allocation form.

  • TAB & Commissioning

    TAB(Testing, Adjusting and Balancing) are the three major steps used to achieve proper operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
    Our TAB specialist performs air and hydronic measurements on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and adjusts the flows as required to achieve optimum performance of the building environmental equipment.
    Also we provide a written report which summarizes the testing and balancing and notes any deficiencies found during the T.A.B work.