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(주)신일이앤씨 2007 ~ 2015년 연혁
Year Month Date
2007 11 Awarded Minister of Industry and Energy Citation (Energy Audit Agency Conference)
12 Registered as New & Renewable Energy Facility Installation Company
2008 11 Awarded Excellence Citation(Deagu Energy Saving Competition)
2009 3 Registered as Building Equipment Supervision Service
2010 3 Selected as 2010 Green Home Supply Business Installation Company(Photovoltaic)
10 Awarded the Korea Energy Agency Citation
(Low Carbon Green Growth Foundation Establishment)
11 Awarded the Minister of Knowledge Economy Citation (Energy Saving)
2011 3 Registered as 2011 Green Home Supply Business Installation Company
(Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Geothermal)
11 Selected as GHG Target Management Consulting Company of Small-medium sized businesses
2013 6 Registered as MAIN-BIZ(Management Innovation Business) Company
10 Awarded the President’s Citation on the Engineering Day 2013
2014 11 Awarded the Mayor of Daegu Metropolitan City Government Citation
(Diffusion of Energy Saving and Efficiency improvement)
2015 3 Awarded the Technology Prize of Korea Institute of Architectural Sustainable Environment and Building Systems
(주)신일이앤씨 2001 ~ 2006년 연혁
Year Month Date
2003 4 Registered as Energy Service Company(ESCO) Type Ⅱ - Building Part
2004 2 Registered as Energy Service Company(ESCO) Type Ⅰ - Factory Facilities
3 Registered as Electrical Construction Business
5 Established SINIL E&C Research Institute
2005 1 Changed company name to SINIL E&C Co., Ltd.
2 Registered as Electrical Equipment Design
7 Registered as Building Equipment Construction
11 Registered as Electrical Equipment Supervision Service
2006 3 Registered as Engineering Company (Information Communication)
12 Registered as Energy Audit Company
(주)신일이앤씨 1996 ~ 2000년 연혁
Year Month Date
1996 11 Established SINIL Building Equipment Professional Engineer Office
1997 3 Conversion to a Corporation
(SINIL Building Equipment Professional Engineer Office Co,. Ltd.)
9 Changed corporate name to SINIL Building Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.
9 Registered as Engineering Company (Building Equipment)
1998 3 Registered as Fire Fighting Equipment Design and Supervision Service Company
8 Registered as T.A.B Licence Certification
1999 12 Obtained ISO 9001 Certificate for Quality Management Systems
2000 12 Registered as Engineering Company (Air-Conditioning Refrigerating Machinery)